Hello My Name Is

Embark on an enthralling exploration across an 8-episode series unveiling the origins behind the names of celebrated artists. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Afrocentric Los Angeles, notably the culturally vibrant Leimert Park District. This series pays homage to music, narratives, and the visionaries who crafted them. EPISODES: https://vimeo.com/895890947https://vimeo.com/895890898https://vimeo.com/895891019https://vimeo.com/895880541https://vimeo.com/895878746https://vimeo.com/895871575https://vimeo.com/895870191https://vimeo.com/895886856https://vimeo.com/895885521https://vimeo.com/895873100https://vimeo.com/895875039https://vimeo.com/895882425https://vimeo.com/895926855

Craft Syndicate

https://vimeo.com/828122997/60f29d5728 Content mini-doc series featuring artists Tony Lewis Jr, TI, Stephen Malbon, Renaldo Nehemiah, Malik Jarret, J Erving, Dusse Palooza, Dre Hopson, Dl Warfield, Anwon Big G Glover, and Maleek. View episodes:

Always True

https://vimeo.com/436541747/2b51c7787b?share=copyBranded content mini-doc series featuring artists JID, EARTHGANG & Bas. View episodes:

Taste The Culture

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dj3sFgjQmrgwith Fast Foodies Chef Justin Sutherland View episodes on @MOREORIGINALS on Youtube:

Big Check

Client: Warner Music Music video for YBN Almighty Jay’s song, ” Battling My Spirit”

Battling My Spirit

Client: Warner Music Music video for YBN Almighty Jay’s song, ” Battling My Spirit”

Drank Sealed

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